YESTERDAY: Our company is a small reality, conserving a very important wine tradition. The founder of the company, Romolo Follador, had been always worked his vineyards with great passion and precision; in the ’50s he decides to undertake the art of bottling his own wine, which was, before, only sold to other farms of wine production, still famous today. As in every tradition, the art was handed down to his children, Oliviero and Gilberto, who are continuing the work of their father, with the same aims and the attention to the tradition, spending their main energies in vineyards. The result is the nonstop pursuit of a prominent aim, that is, in one word: the quality.


TODAY: Although the company has consolidated its production and evolved day by day, also involving the new generations, it still retains the same promoter spirit, the welcome and the family conduction, and that is why each member is involved in all the production processes, even from the early stages: from vineyard to vinification. For our company, the vineyard is something very precious and intangible: its constant and meticulous care has become our company mission/ corporate philosophy. The company’s winery, though faithful to the tradition, is equipped with technological tools and machineries on cutting edge. All these tools require us a constant updating as well as enabling us to use these resources with intelligence in order to maintain in wine its naturalness and authenticity.