Térmen Col fondo


The wine of tradition

Bottled in spring, it naturally begins to live in the bottle, giving to the wine the bubbles that inspire our palate. The rifermentation works in the bottle and at the end of this process, the yeast cells are deposited on the base, creating the unmistakable fund, that is the main warranty of the product quality. What is more, firstly, the fund is the real natural preservative that gives to the wine the classic floral notes of acacia; secondly, it participates to the evolution in the most marked note of a bread crust.

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Agronomical data

Vineyards historic winery
Altitude 250 m above the sea level
Orientation South-west
Soil Clayey
Growing technique Traditional Double inverted
Yeld q / ha 135
Harvesting Manual, between mid and late September

Oenological data
PressingSoft on entire grapes
Percentage of wine for grapes % 70
Fermentation and storage In steel-tanks at controlled temperature
Method to obtain sparkling wineNatural rifermentation in the bottle, “Col fondo”
Malolactic fermentation Possible
Mellowing length Continually evolving from bottling



Sensoryal data

Color Straw yellow
Scent Intense, floral; followed by a more complex evolution in the ripe fruit note
Taste Dry and delicate, rightly tangy

Analytical data

Total acidity (g/l) 5
Residual sugar (g/l)Free
% Developed Alcohol 11
pH 3.30
Total SO2 (mg/l) Low content, 40-50
Free SO2 (mg/l) Lacking
Pressure in the bottle (atm) 2.5



Name: Sparkling wine

Typology: Natural rifermentation in the bottle, “Col fondo”

Tips: decant in a carafe a few minutes before serving

Matching: excellent to accompany fish dishes, pizza and cold meats typical of the Veneto tradition

How to serve it: serve in a chalice at a temperature of 8-10 C

Formats: 0.75l; also available in limited edition in Magnum bottles of 1.5l, request customizable